Developmental Screening Forms


In an effort to reduce your waiting time during your visit, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill out the screenings that pertain to you or your child’s age prior to your visit.

These can all be found in our web portal and are labeled S0-S9.

Click on this link to access the screenings: Developmental Screenings

Reading Pediatrics uses certain developmental screenings as tools for the early recognition and treatment of children with any developmental or behavioral disabilities such as autism, intellectual disabilities, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

These screenings can be used to tell if your child is learning basic skills when they should, or if there might be any concerns in their development. Your child’s doctor may ask you questions or talk and play with your child during an exam to see how he or she learns, speaks, behaves, and moves. Since there is no lab or blood test to tell if your child may have a delay, the developmental screening will help tell if your child needs to see a specialist.

In addition to developmental screenings at the early stages of life, we also use screenings to test for depression, anxiety, and social determinants of health.