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As of January 2021, Reading Pediatric Associates & Family Counseling Associates partnered to make Behavioral Health an integral part of your child’s care.

This partnership has provided Psychological Services on site, alongside, and in collaboration with the providers at Reading Pediatric Associates who care for your child. We are thrilled to have Nicole Shanahan LMCH in our office. Nicole is available on site to provide consultation, evaluation, education, brief treatment and referral guidance for children and families. Nicole will is available Monday and Wednesday afternoons.  This is all happening in coordination with the Reading Pediatric Associates staff you have always known.

Nicole will be available for questions, concerns, or for help with:

Worry, Anxiety, Phobias, Panic & OCD
Shyness & Selective Mutism
School Resistance
School or Learning Difficulties
Conduct Problems
Adjustment Problems
Pain, Health & Medical Conditions
Tics & Habit Control Problems
Body Image & Disordered Eating
Family Crises
Parent-Child Conflicts
Sibling or Peer Group Conflicts
ADHD consultation
Developmental consultation

If you or your child’s PCP believe a consultation may be helpful we can

Introduce you to our Behavioral Health Provider at the time of your visit
Schedule a future appointment for your or…
You may call Reading Pediatric Associates to help you schedule an appointment: