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Reading, MA

Mask On & Carry On!

Reading Pediatric Associates proudly joins all 331 of their physician colleagues in endorsing Mask On & Carry On, Highland Healthcare Associates IPA’s masking campaign. Our ultimate goal is to stop the spread of COVID19 by teaming with you, our patients, in an effort to emphasize the importance of masking.
Key Items to Remember:
Wearing a mask helps protect you from COVID 19.
Wearing a mask helps protect those you love from COVID19.
Practice responsible & safe masking behaviors by:
● Making sure your mask:
✔ Covers your nose and mouth, while still allowing for breathing without restriction.
✔ Is secured with ties or ear loops, fitting snugly but comfortably against the sides of your face
✔ Includes multiple layers of fabric
✔ Can be laundered & machine dried without damage or change to shape (applies only to reusable masks)

Did you know the way a mask works is by stopping the germs from entering your airways? Those germs gather on the outside of your mask. By touching your mask and forgetting to wash your hands, you can carry those germs around with you. Always remember:
● Handle your mask by the ear loops/ties only – Avoid touching the front of your mask
● Wash or sanitize your hands immediately after handling your mask.
● Change your mask after each use or as soon as it becomes wet/soiled – whichever occurs first!
Help us stop the spread of COVID – Mask On & Carry On!